Youth Entrepreneurship Project (YEP)

This is our flagship program to respond to the SDG #1 No Poverty, #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, #16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. In response to the extreme poverty and high rates of unemployment among youth in northern Uganda, this project is designed to empower budding entrepreneurs with soft & hard skills training, start-up capital and workshops to enable them to tackle the challenge head on.

YEP identifies 10 youth groups (50 young entrepreneurs) a year, to go through a rigorous training program and case competition to access start-up capital. Every year, three groups are selected to obtain the start-up capital. They are then supported through workshops, mentoring, and technical backstopping during the course of their ventures.


  • To identify, train and support young entrepreneurs
  • To provide linkages to local entrepreneurship support groups
  • To provide growing small businesses with start-up capital

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