Technological Education and Information Sharing (TEIS)

This is our flagship program to respond to the SDG #4 Quality Education. The project aims at increasing access to ICT and books to broaden learning capacity for youth. CEED Uganda has a computer laboratory open to young people in the community to provide a space to learn basic computer and internet skills. A library is also in place to support information generation, research and an improved reading culture among young people.

In an effort to provide relevant and important skills in an increasingly technological world, young people are trained on how to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), social media and how to do effective internet searches while being aware of the credibility and reliability of sources, done through capacity building workshops.


  • To provide youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to seek and create employment
  • To provide alternative and accessible access to education
  • To increase basic computer literacy skills among youth

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